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MELTEC Industrieofenbau GmbH

Meltec is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of furnace engineering for the pressure die-casting industry. The company specializes in smelting technologies for the three most important alloys: zinc, magnesium and aluminium.

Even early on, Meltec recognised the need for centralised remote maintenance. With the combined product offering of SiteManager and LinkManager, Secomea provides an optimal solution to address this and it is currently in use at the company, primarily for maintenance and programming. In addition to stationary PC-based access via LinkManager, LinkManager Mobile also opens the way for the option of portable access from a mobile phone or hand-held tablet.

“Thanks to Secomea’s SiteManager, we can offer our customers better and above all faster support. SiteManagers are extremely reliable and user-friendly,” in the words of Mr Longodor (Software Engineering at MELTEC Industrieofenbau GmbH).

The advantages of the Secomea solution are obvious:  Flexibility, simplicity and safety, while cutting administrative overheads to a bare minimum.

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Kyoto Seisakusho, a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment delivers Secomea’s SiteManager with its products.
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