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Messfeld GmbH

The Secomea Remote Access Solution – important support in measurement technology

The Messfeld GmbH company was established in Klagenfurt, Austria in 2006 and currently offers innovative measurement technology services and products for maintenance. From energy and media flow monitoring to industrial measurement technologies, Messfeld endeavors to provide cost effective and tailor-made solutions. Messfeld can be seen as a pioneer in the Condition Monitoring sphere, when it is all about finding user-friendly and thus individually designed solutions.

Their customers come the areas of maintenance, measurement technology and special measurement technology.

The training and continuing education sector is an important cornerstone of Messfeld GmbH. In addition to offering comprehensive modules in the training academy for maintenance and production, an international continuing education is also offered.


The increasing requirement for programming, systems control, measurement data capture, reconfiguration of measurement systems and the previous positive experiences with Secomea have led to the selection of the Secomea Remote Access Solution. The remote access solution from Secomea is an optimal instrument for exactly these requirements. The Secomea solution provides Messfeld with the possibility of accessing individual measurement systems/SPSs at any time, and to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.


Currently the SiteManager 1139, the LinkManager as well as the Cloud Gate Manager M2M servers are in use at Messfeld. The Secomea Remote Access solution will be used successfully in combination with the following SPS software at Messfeld:

  • Siemens S7 / TIA-Portal
  • Rockwell Compactlogix / Studio 5000
  • B&R X20 Series / AutomationStudio 4
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The flexibility and development potential were also key factors for choosing the Secomea solution.
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