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Nordland Automatic A/S

Technology that works for you

“The Secomea solution is highly secure, but still very easy to deploy and administer. For instance granting access for a customer or a third party to a specific device, is easily done via the GateManager administrator interface. Our next step is to actively promote the Secomea solution as a strategic product from Nordland Automatic“.

Nordland Automatic A/S specializes in providing intelligent automation solutions, ranging from robots, PLCs, process- and electrical control, to database management. Nordland offers both custom made solutions and standard systems for various purposes, and the solutions are deployed for machines all over the world and for a broad range of industries.

Remote access is a critical element of providing the services associated with the Nordland solutions. Often the customers decides their preferred brand of automation components, so Nordland needs seamless remote access to control equipment regardless of brands being e.g. Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron or Schneider.

The Secomea solution allows Nordland to react instantly on support calls, by being able to connect and adjust the equipment regardless of location. By equipping overseas technicians with a Secomea SiteManager, it is also very easy to establish access to equipment that does not have permanent connection. The technician temporarily connects a SiteManager with the equipment, and the specialist located in Denmark can work with the equipment just as if the person was sitting on site.

As always, when presenting access via the Internet, the local IT departments are cautious. The Secomea solution is well documented security wise and if a wired connection cannot be approved fast enough, the SiteManagers ability to connect via 3G is utilized.


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Using Secomea means Singer can be more proactive with customer support and it has reduced the need for engineer call outs.
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