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Pneumatic & Electrical Systems

– By – Nigel Kitchen

Pneumatic & Electrical Systems was established in 1970 and specialises in the design and manufacture of process control and instrumentation solutions. We also manufacture nitrogen generators, gas mixing and oxygen skid assemblies for industrial gas suppliers.

Secomea has been fitted to a prototype tanker that delivers liquefied gas to smaller users around the UK. The tanker plugs in into the client’s mains supply, or can run on a truck mounted generator at low power, when it arrives on site to power the pumps.

The Secomea unit allows the transport department to remotely access the tanker and diagnose any issues with the power supply, allowing remote access to a supply monitoring relay, PLC, VSD and batch flowmeter. It links to the HMI on the panel door and makes the automation system visible remotely.

We are using Siemens S7-1214 PLC with EXOR ETOP607M Glass HMI and the SiteManager SM1039 model with integrated GPRS/3G.

“We decided to switch to Secomea for this application and have since used it for another customer to monitor tank levels,” said Nigel Kitchen, Managing Director. “Having the remote access will save us time and money so we don’t always have to send out an engineer to the site for support visits, we can access the unit to monitor the tanker and sort out any issues.”


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