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Schmid Energy Solutions

Secomea helps Schmid’s customers keep their biomass energy boilers running smoothly

The challenge

The more people who can reach complex equipment remotely, the easier it is to maintain the facility for safe and efficient running. This was the challenge facing Schmid Energy Solutions, the Swiss-based manufacturer of biomass-burning energy boilers for a wide range of domestic, industrial, and governmental customers.

Energy generation is a 24-hours-a-day business, so maintenance and customer-service have to run to the same round-the-clock schedule. What Schmid needed was a flexible solution that would help them set up new installations more efficiently, maintain optimal day-to-day operations, and guarantee safety standards across their range of biomass-burning installations.

And if Schmid’s customers could also use the solution to perform their own routine management and maintenance, so much the better.

The solution

From a technical point, SiteManager from Secomea appeared to do the job perfectly. This was confirmed when Secomea’s local distributor, Satomec Automation Systems, provided an overwhelmingly convincing on-site presentation to the Schmid team.

The ease with which users can access SiteManager made it the perfect solution for Schmid. The client software LinkManager makes it easy to establish connection, yet it offers users complete security. Since the system is stable and straightforward to operate, it’s also ideal for use by Schmid’s customers.

With the help of Satomec, Schmid chose SiteManager 1139 hardware and LinkManager, LinkManager Mobile, and GateManager software. This configuration of hardware and software works equally well for Schmid’s customer-care team and for Schmid’s customers who want to perform their own maintenance. All Schmid has to do is set up the system and administer access for its own staff and for its customers’ staff.

Security and reliability underpin the Secomea solution. As a result, any biomass-burning installation installed by Schmid can now meet all required IT security standards.


Our Swiss distributor and partner, Satomec Automation Systems, was the supplier of the Secomea remote-access solution to Schmid Energy Solutions. Satomec continues to support Schmid in its use of Secomea.

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Use of the Secomea solution for remote maintenance of PLC and HMI is deployed mainly for equipment in use throughout Europe, e.g. in the remote control and remote monitoring of equipment by the end customer, as well as for data acquisition and data transmission of decentralized systems such as pumping stations, etc.
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