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SE Big Blue

Create energy savings – with bottom line impact

By Claus Herup

“The Secomea solution’s biggest advantage is its ease of installation. If there is an existing network, you just plug the SiteManager in, and if not, it automatically uses the 3G network. This means we have focus on our core business, and do not have to spend time on IT”.

SE Big Blue specializes in climate- and energy optimization solutions, and is as part of SE that with 700 employees and a equity of more than 1 billion Euros, is a leading International player in effective CO2 reduction solutions.

SE Big Blue chose the Secomea solution for remote access to their TREND based CTS installations. Especially in the startup phase it is required to adjust the installation for optimal performance; something that in the past was accomplished by traveling to the site, even for minor adjustment.

Today the Secomea solution is used for remote access to the CTS servers and the sub-centrals. Upgrades and both minor and major program changes are easily done remotely and has meant substantial savings on travel costs and time.


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“Using Secomea has enabled us to offer customers a remote monitoring and control package. The solution is ideal as it’s secure, it’s reliable, robust and cost effective."

- Huw Rees, Product Development Manager
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