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weil technology

Excellent Remote Access and Hotline Support Assured by Secomea for Industrial Plants

According to Patrick Senger, Head of Electrical Construction at weil technology, the company weil technology acting as a global player primarily uses the Secomea remote maintenance concept to access Siemens components, e.g. the Simatic CPU 300 & 1500 series, Sinumerik 840d sl, visualisations OP and the new Comfort series. Yet, it is also used to access other components remotely, e.g. the PNOZmulti security control unit of the company Pilz, IP cameras and decentral peripheries such as lasers, robots, QA monitoring systems, and integrated external systems.

weil technology can foremost guarantee an excellent hotline service for its customers with the Secomea remote access solutions, while the program updates and process support tasks are also completed via remote access.

“Since our programmers are often on the road, we found the perfect solution in Secomea by means of which our plants can be accessed from anywhere. For example, a programmer solved a problem on one of our plants in Sweden while he was waiting for his flight in Moscow. We generally have up to 75% fewer service calls by virtue of the remote maintenance possibilities and Secomea makes a very big contribution to this”, says Mr Senger.

weil technology originally decided for the Secomea solution because Secomea offers a standardised remote maintenance solution that can be configured quickly and easily, while it does not leave security out of consideration at the same time.

“A big advantage and corresponding argument for choosing the Secomea solution is the “outbound connection”, which is established by the SiteManager from the machine network to the external GateManager. This way, customer networks as well as our machines are protected against access by third parties. Furthermore, the customer has the option to deactivate SiteManager by remote access”, Mr Senger continues.

Access to the decentral periphery and global availability are additional central criteria for the decision. “And in the process, we found a perfect solution through the company Secomea!”, Mr Senger concludes.

About weil technology
weil technology is a brand of weil engineering GmbH. The company produces turnkey, highly automated machines and plants for the entire global market, which are used for innovative forming, separating and joining technologies, while it increasingly also develops machines for metal sheet groups that are welded and cut in the 2D and 3D area. The customers of weil technology primarily operate in the automotive industry, building and ventilation technology segment, the housing and container construction, as well as the electronics industry.


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Guarantee an excellent hotline service for its customers with the Secomea remote access solutions.
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