Administrate access remotely to PLCS ICS with complete peace of mind.

The Secomea Solution provides IT and OT strict access control down to a single port or device.

Global manufacturers can keep remote maintenance sessions accountable with detailed activity logs.

It is easy to administrate, uncomplicated to set up, and reliable to run. Provide secure remote access to PLCs and HMIs with the Secomea Solution.


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Rapid remote maintenance

Provision curated access to PLCs in the field. With Secomea solution, IT and OT can customize access for multiple technicians, to multiple devices through a GateManager management server. The workflow is as simple as if the technician’s laptop was connected directly to the PLC.

Combined remote access and data collection

Secomea’s SiteManager Gateway combines remote access and data collection into a single platform.

Diverse connection options

Connect multiple devices to the gateway through a range of protocols, including Serial, USB, Ethernet, ModBus, and more.

Uncluttered device access

Secomea remote access is user-friendly. Well-defined domain structures on easy-to-use UIs minimize human error.

“The Secomea solution is highly secure, but still very easy to deploy and administer. For instance, granting access for a customer or a third party to a specific device, is easily done via the GateManager administrator interface. Our next step is to actively promote the Secomea solution as a strategic product from Nordland Automatic"


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