Published: August, 5th, 2020



Secomea is constantly working to adapt its solutions to match customers’ current needs.

During the summer, we were working hard on finalizing a new improved version of the Data Collection Cloud (DCC). Thanks to our developer team and customer feedback, we are now pleased to announce DCC v. 1.5 with great new features and enhancements.

Check out the essential new features and improvements below and find more information in the release notes.



New features:

  • Easy first-time deployment: It is now possible to download the DCM configuration via the DCC and with a single click, configure your SiteManager with DCC. Watch our how-to video.
  • Nested dashboards: Easy navigation between your dashboards.
  • Data reports via email: Generate data reports using email from auxiliary server.
  • Dashboards background images: Improve visualization for better control and information.
  • Alarm overview: A default page for all created alarms.


  • Fixed a bug when deselecting all sample points: When deselecting all sample points in the topology tree, the last sample to be deselected will still retain data in chart.
  • Fixed issue where save button state is disabled in Alarms: Only updates state when changing text, phone, email etc. but not trigger type, trigger value or trigger unit.
  • Fix decimals in CSV files: When exporting data using “Report Widget” retain “.,” characters as well.
  • Fixed a crash in Report Widget: Fixed an issue when trying to generate a CSV for all sample points would result in a crash.
  • Show all digits: Decimals are now displayed in the last value widget.
  • Incoming messages are applied to multiple widgets: If multiple widgets were using the same source for data, only the firstly added widget would receive updates.
  • Dashboard event browser: When selecting multiple batches show only the latest selected in the event browser.
  • Improved dashboard configuration: Move dashboard setup to own menu item.
  • Background image functionality.
  • Aspect ratio options for background image.
  • Change DCMs for other suitable DCMs.


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