Published: October, 12th, 2020



Secomea is pleased to share a new and enhanced version of our Data Collection Cloud. The release contains several new great features for dashboard visualization and alarm functions.

Read the release highlights below and learn more about functions and enhancements in our release notes.



Combine OEE information into real-time dashboards for displaying at the factory floor, which has a proven positive effect on productivity. The release has made it easier to visualize and customize your dashboard and style it according to your needs.

In extension to the background image feature of release 1.5, new features are applied to make the dashboard visually reflect images of a machine and its components. This includes the ability to use symbols or images, change color or contents based on status and events, along with other enhancements such as individual widget layout control and introduction of variables in text widgets.

Feature highlights:

  • OEE gauge real-time targets: You can now set up a target area for OEE gauges and easily visualize when you are on or below your target.
  • Symbol Widget: Give your OEE dashboard a custom look. Add multiple images and colors to your sample points based on status and events.



The DCC alarm feature is now extended with new search functions and managing features.

  • Disable alarm: Silence an alarm without having to delete it.
  • Alarm log and history: Insights into the individual and overall alarm history.

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