Published: January 23rd, 2020


SiteManager & GateManager Release 9.1 is out


Security is a top priority in Secomea and part of our DNA. Thus, we are happy to announce a new release for SiteManager and GateManager bringing new security enhancements.


Release Highlights:

We have highlighted some of the new features in the new release for SiteManager and GateManager below. You can find a complete list of the new features and fixes in our Release Notes.


GateManager 9.1:

  • “Forgot password” option for GM and LM users
  • Re-introduce Domain Messages in GM for Admin/LM8
  • Add option to lock an LM account to a specific LM instance
  • Enforce periodic password change
SiteManager 9.1:
  • LogTunnelPullmaster for SM-E for Linux
  • Persistent DCM SnFstorage expansion for 35xx series (SD card now works)
  • New noVNCview-only Agent


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