Published: February 16th, 2021.



Secomea is pleased to introduce you to the new Data Collection Cloud 1.7 (DCC). The release presents new features and several performance improvements. Learn more about the new features below and read our full release notes for more information about other improvements and fixes.


Define corporate subunits to differentiate account access.

Now a company can define daughter companies or regional offices as “subunits” that have access to data for SiteManager/DCMs specific to them. The admins for the main account still have access to all units. This allows for maintaining trust zones within a single DCC account.

This is done by creating the access account (aka LinkManager Mobile account) on the GateManager in a subdomain in which the allowed SiteManagers/DCMs are located, and applying this access account in DCC to represent the Subunit.


New Bar Chart widget provides greater visibility.

You can now define a bar chart to present your data, in addition to the existing gauges and line charts. For certain types of data, such as “total units produced,” this provides a greater visibility, and can be further combined with a new feature for accumulating values over a time period. For instance, you can accumulate and show all units produced for the last 24 hours, based on collected values from a PLC that does not itself relate to time periods.


Parent/Child dashboards provide a clear overview of dashboard structure.

The feature for linking dashboards introduced last year has become increasingly popular. But it can be difficult in the Dashboard view to identify the main dashboard (e.g., the factory overview) and its underlying dashboards (e.g., individual machine components). Now you can structure your dashboards by defining parent-child relationships, which creates a clear overview of your dashboard structure.


Line chart improvements.

The Line Chart widget is one of the most commonly used widgets, and has been enhanced with several visibility improvements. Along with new formatting controls, you can now customize margins and the y axis min/max to clearly emphasize important data variations. You can now also define the graph title to appear as a “watermark,” to clearly identify what the graph is showing, such as “Oil Pressure” or ”Water level.”


Stay tuned for a new Fleet Management Module.

You will also notice some other new features, such as the “Logistics Template” feature. This feature is the first step toward a new fleet management module currently in development for the next DCC release, and which is already in operation in live pilot projects.

The Logistics Template allows you to build dashboard design templates that are automatically applied to new machines equipped with a SiteManager/DCM. A machine could be a vehicle, and new vehicles will automatically be added to your list of vehicles in your dashboard selection list, or even to a geographic map view where you can monitor the vehicle position and click on it to open the detailed dashboard.


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