Published: September 13th, 2019


Advantech Collaborates with Secomea to Enable Reliable Industry 4.0 Platforms

The IIoT Group of Advantech and Secomea have formed a partnership to offer a remote an secure connecting platform to the market.

Secomea and Advantech are glad to announce their partnership, that will allow having Advantech’s rugged industrial PCs, including HMI series, equipped with Secomea’s remote and secure connectivity solution.


Supporting Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is now up and running and the results are starting to take shape. New challenges are arising, slowing down the innovation process. Advantech is steering this path to get the best for customers; Secomea is a Tier-One provider of remote connectivity solutions and the market can benefit of a one-stop solution providing Industrial PCs able to be controlled from remote and to manage the legacy devices connected to the IPC itself.

The Industrial IoT era is bringing communication capabilities across all devices, but three challenges are affecting the implementations:

  • Safe communication: in a period where cyber security is becoming a key issue, companies need to feel confident and share their critical information in a safe way.
  • Simple setup: new technologies are enabling new opportunities and must not create the need for complex and heavy topologies; the implementation of the new technologies should be easy as well as reliable.
  • Wide offer: in the IoT era, it is getting clearer and clearer that one hardware does not fit all the application scenarios; every application requires a specific solution, in terms of form factor, performance and I/Os. This flexibility is granted by modularity, which saves from affecting the upper layers of the solutions. Modularity offers numerous performance and cost-saving advantages, including complete HMI control and monitoring, customization according to application requirements, rapid integration and deployment, reduced system downtime and maintenance costs, and support for future expansion.

Advantech and Secomea’s partnership fulfills these three main challenges offering the perfect solution.

“Advantech firmly believes in Co-Creation, a model of cooperation leading to the digitalization of industry. This partnership will be beneficial for both companies completing each other”, said Marco Zampolli, Advantech Solution Architect. “That’s why the company is proud and really glad to collaborate with Secomea.”

Kasper Holst Wochner, Chief Commercial Officer at Secomea, added: “The ability to combine our unique Secure Remote Access with Advantech’s leading edge IIoT products brings a solid solution to the market. Secomea is pleased to collaborate with Advantech in this area, and with a collaboration model, which will be strengthened via each member of our strong force of Distributors and Channel Partners. An excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing and expertise to implement and support the solutions into the market.


About Advantech

Advantech’s corporate vision is to “Enable an Intelligent Planet”. The company is a global leader of the intelligent IoT systems and embedded platforms markets. Embracing the trends of IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, Advantech promotes IoT hardware and software solutions with an Edge Intelligence WISE-PaaS core to assist business partners and clients with integrating their supply chains. Advantech also collaborates with partners to co-create business ecosystems that advance the development of industrial intelligence.

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