Secomea SaaS is a highly flexible turnkey solution for enterprise machine builders and manufacturers who want to customize their own remote access solution.
Remote Access Management for Enterprise ICS

Enterprise OT infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex, and cybersecurity is now equally as important as safety and productivity. Third-party maintenance access is required to achieve the maximum level of automation efficiency, but may also put your infrastructure at risk.

Secomea has worked closely with large multinational companies to identify and address this challenge. Our Remote Access Solution is designed to meet the requirements of Enterprise Machine Builders servicing thousands of machines globally and Enterprise Manufacturers with complex global infrastructures subject to IEC 62443, NIST and similar standards. Deployed as a SaaS Solution, Secomea gives you the maximum benefit of the solution that matches your business processes while securing every level of your ICS network.

The Secomea Remote Access SaaS solution assures:
  • A Dedicated GateManager Access Management Server, hosted by Secomea or yourself.
  • Two-Factor Authentication with optional adaptation to your Identity Management System (IDM) via LDAP.
  • Logging of all activity, which can be linked to your auditing systems.
  • Possibility for interfacing to other business applications via APIs (e.g., for account creation and authorization to specific equipment).
  • A transparent pricing model that adapts to your organization structure.
  • Direct support and close interaction with Secomea as your solution partner.

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The SiteManager Industrial IoT Gateway esures saftey and access control for manufacturers.


As an Enterprise Manufacturer, your greatest concern is to assure safety and security of your ICS networks and production lines. Technical assistance from your OEM suppliers is required for optimized production, but it also poses risks, as third-party companies are not directly enrolled in your IT policies.

The Secomea solution provides you the tool to control your external partners and enforce your IT policies.

For Enterprise manufactures, the Secomea Remote Access SaaS solution assures:
  • Web portal for your OT department to control external access.
  • Logging of all activity, and integration with your business systems.
  • Define time limit access and automatic disabling of access after first login.
  • Define fine-grained access down to a single port on a specific device.
  • Combine access control and notification using physical IO ports on the IoT Gateways.
  • Assign roles, and create hierarchies to assure IT compliance of your internal OT staff.
  • Customizable login portal to reflect your corporate branding identity.
  • IEC 62443 audited solution, for easing the adaptation to your own compliance strategies.


For Enterprise Machine Builders with global coverage, it is important to have strict control of SLA agreements, and be able to react promptly to customer requests to assure uptime of their machines. But this must be done in compliance with individual IT policies to avoid compromising the customer’s security and safety.

The Secomea solution offers seamless and controlled deployment of IoT gateways and provides a central tool for access management of your service teams.

For Enterprise OEMs, the Secomea Remote Access SaaS solution assure:
  • Fleet management for central configuration and bulk upgrades of all IoT gateways
  • Overview of all customers, sites, machines and devices through intuitive drag-and-drop domain structures.
  • Optional APIs for easy configuration and provisioning of IoT gateways.
  • Multiple connection methods for assuring seamless IoT Gateway internet connections everywhere, anytime.
  • Firewall -friendly protocols to assure outgoing connections from any network.
  • Digital input ports for the customer to control access locally.
  • Audit trails to trace and document all access and events.
  • Customizable login portal to reflect your corporate branding identity.
  • Alarm setup for alerting your service team of potential issues.


Over the past few years, large ICS infrastructures have begun to evolve from traditional network perimeter segmentation typically defined by the popular Purdue model. With the shift towards cloud computing and IoT, attack surfaces are growing exponentially.

The Secomea solution is audited against the IEC62443 standard, which is founded on defense-in-depth principles for applying multiple levels of security controls. Zero-trust principles further extend this by securing each individual connection and asset. This is, and will continue to be, a challenging task for OT network design, but with Secomea, you can assure granular access control down to a single IP address and port, and via strong authentication, role-based authorization, and full visibility of who can and who has accessed what. Secomea thereby supports your efforts for applying zero-trust and defense-in-depth controls by providing a practical tool for solving your eminent remote service needs while allowing scalability with your zero trust ambitions.

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Our Solutions Design team is ready to guide you to get the maximum benefit from the SaaS Solution in a way that matches your organization and processes. We will discuss your use case and requirements, and customize the solution to your existing systems while securing every level of your industrial infrastructure.

To assure alignment between OT, IT and C-level decision makers, we will guide you through a 4-step getting started approach.

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Book a first casual meeting with our Solution Design Team and let us discuss how you get the maximum benefit of remote access in a way that matches your business processes.


The Secomea Solution is security certified according to IEC62443 standards. The solution is designed uniquely for the Automation Industry to meet both operational technology (OT) and IT requirements with security at its core.

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Is the Secomea Solution designed for OT environments? 
The solution is designed to meet both OT and IT requirements and masters the delicate balance between security and ease of use. Users will experience easy setup and seamless secure remote access with multiple connection options to PLC, HMI, or other industrial systems. With simple drag-and-drop usability, it’s designed to be managed, maintained, and used by all non-IT people.

Does the Secomea Solution support IAM? 
The solution provides a frictionless and secure way of handling your Identity and Access Management (IAM). You can control and authorize all access with 2FA and fine-grained user management down to a single IP port on a PLC or HMI. The solution also supports LDAP integration to your existing IDM and provides you the possibility for differentiating authentication methods based on user roles.

Is the solution IEC62443 compliant? 
The solution is security audited according to the IEC62443 4-2 and 3-3 standards by the external security company TG Alpha to maintain the highest global cybersecurity standards from both an IT requirement and a corporate policy perspective. Visit our Cybersecurity Page to find out more.

How do I get started with remote access for enterprises? 
With our flexible SaaS solution for enterprises, you can customize your own remote access solution. Our Solutions Design team is ready to guide you to get maximum benefit from the solution in a way that matches your organization and processes. To ensure alignment between OT, IT, and C-level decision makers, we have defined a 4-step getting started approach. Get started here.

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