Achieve full control with Secomea Prime

Discover how our brand-new platform built on a zero-trust architecture can improve your remote access experience.

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Prime your OT access with Secomea’s all-in-one dashboard

Gain complete oversight over your remote access sessions

Get a comprehensive overview of your users’ activities via real-time access monitoring, information on SiteManager statuses, and much more – with just a quick look at the new dashboard.



Assess your overall
vulnerability score

Analyze your aggregated vulnerability risks due to outdated firmware on SiteManagers and identify the necessary actions to prevent downtime.



Improve visibility and ensure business continuity

Detect vulnerability risks at any of your production facilities. For each SiteManager in every one of your sites, get notified if you need to update its firmware to the latest version or replace hardware that has reached End of Support.

At Secomea, we strive to offer our customers and partners the easiest and safest remote access experience. And that’s what Secomea Prime is all about.

As easy as it gets

With a fresh new look, our modern and intuitive user interface will simplify your daily work and improve your OT operations. Enjoy peace of mind in your remote access management.

Future-proof solution

Secomea Prime allows us to release new features and improvements more frequently and at a higher speed to consistently offer a state-of-the-art IIoT platform in line with the trends in the industry.

Higher OT security

Built on a zero trust architecture to effectively secure cyber-physical systems, Secomea Prime is up to date with the latest regulatory developments to help you achieve and maintain ongoing compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Sure, just book a short demo and we will let you experience first-hand how you can benefit from Secomea Prime to manage remote access at your production facilities.

If you don’t have access yet, please reach out to your account manager or local distributor to be onboarded on the new platform.

Yes, Secomea Prime is meant to replace the GateManager over time and give you higher control and enhanced security with the same user-friendliness. There will be a transition period during which it will be possible for you to switch from your new Prime platform to the old GateManager interface. We will continue to maintain the GateManager along with Secomea Prime, and you’ll be notified with due notice before the GateManager interface is phased out.

Discover how you can reach new levels of control over your OT infrastructure by implementing Secomea Prime as a Secure Remote Access solution in all of your production sites.

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