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Secomea X Advantech

Secomea and Advantech have build a strong partnership and a one-stop IoT solution that combines the best from Secomea and Advantech in one complete remote maintenance platform. Secure your company’s competitive advantage in the industry, with the combination of Secomea’s leading Remote Access solution and Advantech’s leading-edge IIoT products.

SiteManager Embedded – Software applicationsecomea_advantech

Secomea Remote Access with SiteManager Embedded

The security certified Secomea Remote Access solution connects you to machines and equipment for:

  • Troubleshooting Programming Remote control
  • Programming
  • Remote control

Your benefits using Secomea Remote Access

Reduce travel costs and provide or receive 1st class customer service & support with immediate response time as machine provider, System Integrator, Utility Facilitator or machine owner with:

  • 24/7 remote access with the highest level of security to production sites
  • Prevention of interruptions and unplanned downtime
  • Easy to use and scale user interface

Why Secomea X Advantech

  • One-stop solution providing IPC’s with remote access
  • Flexible solution: Every application requires a specific solution, in terms of form factor, performance and I/Os
  • Best in class partnership
  • No need for additional components or integration
  • Simple and reliable solution
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Remote access features:

  • Configuration and maintenance via web browser, accessible locally on the device where SM-E is installed or remotely.
  • Any network device can be easily accessed from a Windows PC for programming and diagnostics using common PLC or HMI software tools
  • Any network device can be accessed from Tablets and Smartphones for accessing Web interfaces, Remote Desktop (RDP/VNC) or Remote HMI apps
  • Drag-and-drop role-based management. Define fine-grained access down to a single IP address, USB, Serial device, or even port on a PLC or HMI
  • Security certified ref. IEC 62443 / NIST / BSI
  • All events, such as user access and configuration changes, are automatically logged on the GateManager server Audit log of all events (user access, config changes etc.)
  • Integrated alarm feature (Automat ic send to SMS or Email)
  • Full API Available for the SiteManager Embedded
  • From a Log server: Permanent connections for push or pull collection of data – Either to the device itself or devices on the same network.
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Danfoss and Secomea made a quantum leap in technology.
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