Securely access and maintain your machinery from anywhere

Reduce travel time, save cost, and maximize technician productivity with our remote maintenance platform built for customer compliance.

Top benefits for machine builders

Reduce travel time and boost technician productivity

By using Secomea’s remote industrial maintenance platform, technicians can start troubleshooting equipment immediately instead of spending time and resources on unnecessary travel.

Maintain and troubleshoot machines remotely

Predict machine issues in advance, diagnose problems from afar, and monitor trends in devices to optimize performance. Easily fulfill your SLA in compliance with your customers’ IT policies and gain access to equipment data without visiting the site.

Protect your customers’ equipment

The Secomea remote maintenance platform features end-to-end encryption with two-factor authentication and detailed audit logs. It makes remote maintenance safe and secure – no matter where users are located.

Expand service sales

Intelligently suggest part replacements before they are needed and keep your customers’ production lines running smoothly with predictive and preventative remote maintenance.

Meet customer demands

Set up, configure, and start using the Secomea remote maintenance platform in just one day. Add remote maintenance connectivity to virtually any industrial production machine.

Plug-and-play remote maintenance

Secomea remote maintenance can be embedded seamlessly into your machinery, improving the security and performance of your hardware with a built-in remote maintenance platform.

Increase your customers’ uptime in record time

Service authorized machines remotely from anywhere, at any time. Secomea remote maintenance combines the requirements of IT and OT in an intuitive interface designed for ease of use, maximizing security and usability.

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Improve customer experience

Connect to machines in need of assistance as soon as an issue arises, instead of slowing maintenance with interdepartmental approval and international travel. Access all of your equipment through one common interface on PC or mobile, enabling your technicians to respond at will.

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Enable new revenue streams with machine data

Sell uptime as a service to your customers by collecting and analyzing machine data over a device’s lifespan. Secomea’s remote maintenance platform enables you to unlock the full value of your machinery, without compromising your customers’ cybersecurity.

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Download the complete guide to remote access

In Secomea’s Complete Guide to Remote Access, you will learn:

✔ The role of remote access

✔ How to choose a remote access solution

✔ How to service machinery with remote support

✔ How to equip machinery with remote access

✔ How to securely administer remote access

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Take full control of your machine equipment with Secomea’s secure industrial remote maintenance platform.
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