Maximize your productivity with secure remote maintenance

Cut downtime, save revenue, and master your machine data with secure predictive maintenance built for IT and OT networks.


Top benefits for manufacturers

Reduce downtime

The Secomea platform securely connects your approved experts and technicians to your industrial equipment to quickly correct issues that could potentially cause downtime – and even prevent them before they happen.


The lifetime cost of the Secomea secure industrial remote maintenance platform is less than 20% of the cost of a jump server. The platform is easy to use and configure, further reducing onboarding and training costs.

Fast ROI

The Secomea platform can be fully operational in a single day and it does not require special training to install or operate – just plug in, configure, and go. Pricing scales with your needs, so you only pay for what you use.

Prevent cybersecurity threats

Protect your business and increase your peace of mind with Secomea’s state-of-the-art cybersecurity and access management capabilities.

Take charge of device data and user access

Control who can access which machine, at what time, and for precisely how long. Our platform combines device and user access management in one interface, on one secure server.

Streamline operations with OT and IT

Implement one industrial remote maintenance platform for your entire company. Ensure compliance, control, and one standardized system for any number of factories, anywhere in the world.

Maximize uptime in record time

Connect machines to remote services anywhere, anytime. Secomea remote maintenance meets IT and OT needs, maximizing security and usability in one comprehensive package. Secomea unlocks the hidden productivity in your machinery by combining data collection with intuitive user management.

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Prevent cybersecurity threats and take full control of your data

Keep your network secure with precise authorization and access control. Administrate connections down to a single device or port.

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Not sure how to move forward with remote maintenance?

In this useful guide, we’ll give you the tools and strategies to help you:

✔ Set the right buying committee and know how and when to involve them

✔ Identify the most common use cases and select the right category

✔ Formalize your needs and requirements to prepare for engaging with vendors

✔ Take the right steps for a smooth implementation

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Take full control of your machine equipment with Secomea’s secure industrial remote maintenance platform.
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