How to make machine data useful to you and your team.

Data collection becomes a must-have for optimizing production. Machine data can give you insight into actual performance statistics that ensure constant real-time tracking and monitoring of machine health, production status, and empowered decision making with historical analysis. But how do you capture the right data and how do you use it to drive decisions in daily operations.

The webinar will cover the following subjects:

     ✔️ How to collect data from your machines and use it to drive decision-making.

     ✔️ Optimize production based on “Overall Equipment Effectiveness” (OEE) standards.

     ✔️ Analyze historic data to achieve optimal performance of production lines.

     ✔️ Visualize production batch data in customizable dashboards.

     ✔️ Real-life business cases and examples.

     ✔️ A demo of the Secomea Data Collection Cloud (DCC).

Who should attend:

Machine Builders and Manufacturers
Service Managers, engineers, technicians, project managers, automation specialists

Key details:

  • The duration is 15 minutes
  • The webinar is carried out in English


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