Boost your machine productivity: How to choose the right remote access solution.

Navigating between the many options for remote access can be hard. And while the benefits of increased uptime may seem within easy reach, there are many aspects to consider before deciding on a solution – not least from a cybersecurity point of view. Knowing your starting point, your goals, and who to involve in the process is key to getting remote access right from the start.

Join our webinar to learn all you need to know to make confident decisions when choosing a remote access solution:

     ✔️ Learn about the categories of remote access solutions and how to identify your specific requirements

     ✔️ Identify key stakeholders in the selection process, and the most common use cases

     ✔️ Clarify your goals and specifications

     ✔️ Streamline the process of shortlisting and selecting a vendor

Who should attend:

     ◆ Manufacturers and Machine Builders

     ◆ C-suite – CEO, CTO, CCO, CIO, CISO, CSCO

     ◆ IT Security Architect, IT/OT Security Architect, IT Network Security Architect, IT Infrastructure Architect, IT Automation

     ◆ OT Security Manager, OT Consultant, OT Security Architect, OT Network Security Architect

     ◆ Automation Engineers, Industrial Engineers

Key details:

• On-demand

• Duration: 30 minutes

• Language: English


Our Presenters:

Francisco Pereira – Presenter
Remote Solution Expert

Francisco is a digital transformation consultant with a strong focus on operational technology (OT) environments. With expertise in industrial network infrastructure, secure remote access, cybersecurity, and IIoT, he is well-equipped to provide cross-functional technical guidance.

Kasper Duus Kristensen – Q&A
Technical Solution Advisor & Technical Trainer

Kasper is a Technical Solution Advisor and Trainer with extensive experience in technical presales, live demos, and training. With a background in Global Business Engineering, Kasper has helped numerous enterprise customers and partners navigate complex solutions.



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