Navigating NIS2: Understanding its impact on the manufacturing supply chain

Get the insights you need to get off to a good start with NIS2 and learn which steps you need to take to ensure compliance by 2024.

Join our webinar to gain important insights about the impact of NIS2 for manufacturers. You will learn about:

     ✔️ Which manufacturing companies are in scope for NIS2

     ✔️ NIS2 highlights

     ✔️ Legal obligations for companies

     ✔️ Supply chain due diligence

     ✔️ How to ensure compliance

Who should attend:

     ◆ Manufacturers in the EU

     ◆ C-suite – CEO, CTO, CCO, CIO, CISO, CSCO

     ◆ Network Architect, Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, IT Infrastructure Architect

     ◆ OT Security Manager, OT Consultant

     ◆ IT Automation, Automation Engineers, Industrial Engineers

Key details:

• Duration: 40 minutes

• Language: English


Our Presenters:

Anette Svendsen – Presenter
Compliance Project Manager at Secomea

Anette has solid compliance experience from working in different industries. Transforming compliance rules and regulations into business opportunities while assessing risks and follow-up is the cornerstone of her work. Anette played a central role in implementing the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) across the Nordics for the big payments processor Nets.

Nikolaj Lentz Rudyk – Moderator
Regional Director, Nordic at Secomea

Nikolaj is a performance-driven commercial leader with a proven track record of delivering value to customers across a wide range of industries. He has a deep understanding of the complexities of the manufacturing sector, including the challenges of managing international supply chains and deploying advanced technologies in industrial environments.



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