The trends that will shape the future of manufacturing.

Curious to learn what 2023 holds for the manufacturing sector, and how it will steer your organization?

Then tune into our on-demand webinar, where we’ll unpack the current challenges in the market, how it’s shaping the trends of the future and what you can do to prepare.

Get a forecast on the trends that we expect to see take priority and discover how to embrace these changes and convert disruption into opportunity for growth and innovation.

Unlock insights on: 

✔️ The current challenges in the market.

✔️  Emerging industry trends that will take priority in 2023. 

✔️ Steps you can take to leverage the power of the upcoming changes, to future proof your organization. 

Who should attend:

◆ Manufacturers and Machine Builders

◆ C-suite – CIO, CISO, CTO, CSCO, CCO, CEO

Key details:

• On-demand webinar

• 15 minute session

• Delivered in English 


Michael Ferdinandsen
CEO and President of Secomea

Michael Ferdinandsen is an experienced leader and entrepreneur. Driven by customer success, people management, strategic alliances, and innovative technologies, he takes pride in providing the best value-creating outcome. As a co-founder and CEO at Secomea, a market-leading provider of secure Industrial IoT, he is passionate about spearheading international growth journeys, change management, and business transformation.


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