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Why the Secomea solution is a perfect fit for machine builders!

There are many different scenarios where the Secomea solution optimizes remote maintenance services for machine builders.

Some of the features will result in immediate cost savings by reducing travel expenses, some are directly related to cybersecurity, while others address a machine builder’s future needs.

Here we have organized the benefits into 4 categories, which individually will have varying degrees of relevance for different machine builders, but which collectively will affirm why we consider the Secomea solution to be the most complete remote access choice for OEM’s on the market today:

Deployable and maintainable by non-IT people

Any complex configuration that traditionally requires IT people is inaccessible to administrators and users. Drag-and-drop and wizard-based configuration combined with auto-search of devices allow non-IT people in your company to deploy and maintain the system.

Transparent programming and diagnostics access to any PLC, HMI etc.

Although we use a tunneling architecture that is immune to typical VPN routing issues, it is still fully transparent for any type of communication protocol, – even Layer2 broadcast traffic is supported.

Mobile/tablet access to Machine interface

The use of Portable devices is increasingly common for both remote operation and surveillance– and with Secomea, differentiated mobile access for both the machine builder and the end-user is setup securely and easy.

  Certified to secure your customer’s factory and office network

Cybersecurity threats are emerging at a fast pace and customer acceptance requires hard evidence that the solution is secure. Secomea is certified secure with regards to authentication, encryption, user management, and activity traceability.

Industry 4.0 compliant differential user access management

Industry 4.0 and IIoT focuses on machine providers, raw material suppliers and production managers being able to access their respective data individually and securely. Secomea is certified to ensure that.

Cloud or private M2M server complying with “total privacy” policies

Customers can base their business on the Secomea fleet of GateManager cloud servers while being fully assured that they can at any time to be able to migrate their entire setup to a private server either in-house or to a VPS center such as Amazon AWS whenever they want.

  Consolidates all existing remote access solutions into one

GSM modems, traditional VPN, TeamViewer or similar are consolidated by Secomea into a single solution; facilitated by central management, PC and Mobile client access, different data collection options, SiteManager as both hardware and software, SMS alarms etc.

Simple provisioning by using same configuration for all machines

Setting up a SiteManager for a machine is as simple as installing any passive component. Same configuration applied via a USB stick makes the SiteManager automatically “call-home”.

Multiple access methods via Ethernet, WiFi and cellular 3G/4G

Any hardware SiteManager model can connect via Ethernet and optionally WiFi or 3G/4G. Even the SiteManager embedded software is completely transparent to the Internet connection method of your choice.

  Data logging access for preventive and predictive maintenance

Any Secomea SiteManager allows connection for remote programming using the LinkManager clients concurrently with static tunneling connections for data push or pull data collection to central SCADA or DCS systems.

Facilitates IoT Big data cloud storage connections

In addition to the SiteManager EasyTunnel and LogTunnel connections, the Secomea solution can facilitate connections from remote devices to cloud applications based on Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson,  Amazon, Wonderware Online or similar.

Extends your SCADA system securely over the Internet

Even SCADA systems designed for local data collection can, with the Secomea LogTunnel infrastructure, collect data transparently from multiple sites without any IP conflict issues and by simple drag-and-drop configuration.

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"We save both time and money on reduced service calls and active error detection from a central location."

- Bent Juhl Petersen
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